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andalucia Restaurant in Kikar Hamusica, Jerusalem


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Andalucia Cocktail Bar invites you to clear your head after a long day at work with a unique homemade cocktails menu, a variety of worthwhile and kosher tapas created with a Spanish ambiance, stirring music and a magnificent view of the Old City.


A Small Jump Overseas

If you're looking for a restaurant that combines gourmet dishes, a meticulously-prepared interior design, and a feeling of being overseas - you've come to the right place. Our chef, Shlomi Etton, comes from the culinary scene of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and is experienced with our menu: he took traditional dishes from Spanish cuisine and adapted them to Israeli tastes. In this way, he has created special Tapas dishes based on fresh fish and juicy meats, along with a variety of special dishes that are suitable for the vegans among you. Alongside him, the one who is in charge of our drinks is none other than mixologist Thai Kobler, who participated four times in the National Bartender Competition finals.


On the Spain-Jerusalem Line

Of all the wonderful flavors and aromas we have to offer, you can enjoy our bar which is located in Music Square, inside a building surrounded by authentic Jerusalem stone. On the one hand, we tried hard to design the bar with an ancient style on the exterior, in order to adapt it to the architectural style of the surroundings--while on the other hand, we tried to create on the interior a colorfulness that gives the place its own special style, reminiscent of restaurants abroad.


Andalucia invites you to spend time and enjoy its three floors, each with its own pace: at the entrance, there is a casual dining bar with an open kitchen; on the second floor, there is the main bar and the elegant restaurant space; and on the top floor, a space for events with an open balcony and a special view of the city.


So come find your own pace, and enjoy excellent food, special cocktails, a stunning view and good vibes.


Address: מעבר בית הכנסת 12, כיכר המוסיקה , Kikar Hamusica, Jerusalem
Phone: 053-9367360
Opening Hours:
One hour after the end of Shabbat-02:00
Handicapped Access
Private room
Smoking area

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Address: מעבר בית הכנסת 12, כיכר המוסיקה , Kikar Hamusica, Jerusalem
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